temperance14 (temperance14) wrote in queenoftortuga,

And now, a word from our sponsor

Alright. Lend a hand here. I'll not be the only one spinning this yarn. Your choice--if it's me, there's going to be more manatees in this.

There's a clockwork, steam-driven (or another energy, hmm?) submersible here attempting to violate our liberties. What are you salt-encrusted bilge rats going to do about it?

Have they got the firepower? Have they weapons? Have they diabolical devices (OHHHH, I hope so!). I need you Scientific-Method Age o' Reasoning steamgrinding types to bulk out this ship.

And do you see anyone else coming out of the hatch of the Caledonian? Fill out this crew if you like. Clothing and body parts optional and to your indiscretion.

yep, edited 12.30pm. And the world is better for it.
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