Anselm (ribbin) wrote in queenoftortuga,

A northerly gale

All hands on deck you scurvy lugs! When the gunner's the first to hear the breeze it means half-rations for the whole crew and no more rum than ye can fit in your plugged-up ears! A stiff breeze, red sky at night and narry a lightning strike and you're drinking in the pubs? Blasted cheap excuses for pirates!

Burnsides! Chart us a course out o' these blistering doldrums! Mackie Flint, I need cutlery for all hands! Jane, see to your powder and shine those guns, we're takin' the first flag we see! Molly, take the wheel, and Bill, aloft and spread those wings, this breeze won't last! The rest o' ye bail, scrub, haul, and batten what needs it! On the double, who's not aboard stays in port!

Molly, take us straight with the wind, let's make some knots quick as y'like. If this keeps its heading we can make Havana by the week's end and then we'll be rollin' in fat merchant vessels full up on Spanish gold and Cuban cigars! Take a load of those to Savannah and ye can all retire as gentle bastards and ladies not-in-waitin'!

This is it, lads and ladies, last voyage of the Queen of Tortuga! Let's make it a clean one and we'll be fat and rich before ye know it!
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