Barnabas Truman (barnabas_truman) wrote in queenoftortuga,
Barnabas Truman

Here we go again

Suddenly a scuffle as of moving furniture and bowling ninepins can be heard from the charthouse. Someone inside bangs on the door a few times, budging it just far enough open for a rusty cutlass-blade to stick through and slice through the layers of cobwebs holding it shut.

The door creaks open the rest of the way, and Barnabas the navvygator, his beard unusually long and unkempt, steps out, blinks at the bright sunlight, and stretches his limbs.

"Ahoy there, me hearties!" he bellows. "Ye'll be pleased t'hear I've finally finished plotting out our course from, ah, whatever port we're in now to... er... well, I forget, but wherever it is, the course be all plotted. If ye've any business ashore, be about it and quick, for we sails with the tide!"

Thus having spake, he ambles off towards the starboard to feed the sea-cows.
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